sábado, 15 de dezembro de 2007

Chapter não sei das quantas

Hey Dean, know what? I managed to get Legalised's adress!
And what the hell do i want that for??

I thought, you could go there and spank him a bit...

hey, i never thought of that!

That's actually a pretty good idea! Yes, I will go there to teach him
some lesson!

I love Catherine so much...i coulnd't bear to lose her. And if i'ts necessary...

What a man does for love!...

Well...this must be it...let's party and rock!

Jared: "Oh, this is gonna be so much fun :D "

Jared: "hey, wait.. think he's gonna be fine?"
Jensen: "Sure...a little wrestle never hurt anyone!"
Well, hello there! I was looking for Legalised, is he home?

"Hello, I'm Legalised's mother, he's not at the moment, but I can

tell him you were here when he's back..."

Ah!, Pity...

(Lady: "I assume you are friends of him, am I right?")

Jensen: "Oh, you have no idea, what a friendship, right Jared?"
Jared: " Big Time! "

Well, I guess he said early this morning before leaving that he would be
working at some coffee shop today...maybe you can go and see him there!

Oh, that is really so nice of you...come here.


To Be Continued

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Mike disse...


O Jensen vai a dar um beijo e a mae do legalizado faz aquela cara.

Agora tá a Janokas a insultar a mulher!!!!! xD xD xD

Adoro previews destes,que venha a segunda!!!