sábado, 15 de dezembro de 2007

Chapter não sei das quantas 2 (pq o texto fica facilmente engatado)

(On the way to the coffee shop)

Jensen: "Wow, this place is smokin'! Legalised is one clever guy, i'll give him that!! "
Jared: "Dean, RED CODE, temptation! Think of gorgeous and hot Catherine! Gosh... you're turning into Legalised..."

Hey guys... what a pleasant surprise... you wanna talk? Let's get inside and take a drink...

! Tchin-tchin !

Don Legalised: "So I heard about your plans to beat me..."

"Nonsense! We're here to chat, like civilized people as we are...

Leg, let go of her... she doens't love you, give up... "

Jared: " wow, Leg, you got some good heavy literature around here! Nice taste, indeed..."

"Jared...not the time..."

"So it's really war you want? ok, fine with me!"

"Let's get back to my place, so we can duel!"


Jensen: "These are the clothes for the fight?!"

Pintarolas Slave: "Yeah, boss likes to dress nice...you know, like they do in Sicily!

Come on, he's waiting in the living room."

"You Bastards!! A set up! This is cheating! You'll pay for this!"

(to be continued...will our heroes get through this? will Dean keep on fighting for Kate? stay tuned!)

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Mike disse...

Duas obras de arte num so dia! Demais,está espetacular!
Sem palavras mesmo,hoje foi um dia de inspiração!!
ehe, "Jared,not the time", espetacular,e o pintarolas...Meu Deus!

Stay tuned xD xD

What will happen next?

You Rock Kate!