domingo, 3 de fevereiro de 2008

The Boys are Back in Town

"Supernatural : OTT Stories"

Season 2

"OTT Stories" - By CC & Mike Productions

Sam: Dean, have yoy heard about this new guy, Maridinho? I Heard his father is on an illegal car business...
Dean: Really?!? Bah, i'm not worried... Just another bloke. But why does every single crush those girls have are connected to something illegal? Na,not worried!

Sam: Yeah, I guess you're right... Hey, wanna go see a bad movie??
Dean: Dude,where's my car?
Sam: That's a really bad one...

"No, I mean it! Where the FoCK is my car???"

"Son of legalized's wife!!" (Hyperventilating)

Sam: Easy Dean...
Black Guy in the back: "WTFoCK?? Damn, white people are weird men!"

Dean: This is WAR SAMMY!!!!! Maridinho can't touch my Baby and get away with it!

Sam: Are you ready?
Dean: I was born ready!

To be continued...

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