domingo, 18 de novembro de 2007

E a aventura continua...

Hello everyone! Thanks for being here at the announcemente and celebration of my wedding with Catherine! Thanks for all the support, i really
appreciate that. I'm so happy!

Jared, how do you feel about my wedding?


i'm so happy for you, man! but i will miss you so...our wincest is over..

oh god, i promised myself i wouldn't cry !

yeah,jared, i know how you feel..

Let us all just hope there won't be any other complication soon..ehe
(jensen's face -.- )

Hey, listen guys, i heard that a Legalised was coming to town, and he was the one waitering at the party here today...


É isso áí, Dchininho, istôu chegando! Mi aguarde!

Jared: "Calm down, Jensen, here, take your pills"

He sent me a message... It's a threat! He says he's going to mess with my baby impala!

Why would he do that? Impala's got nothing to do with this !

He's crazy!

Maybe the coffee is also poisoned!..

I think you'd better check on impala..just for sure..

Ah,I'm not worried, sure everything's fine..

Baby?! oh noooooooo! what did he do to you??

He torned my baby to pieces..

Jensen: "How will i get through without my baby?..."

Jared: "er..think this way, you still have Catherine.."

Good evening, gentleman! I come on behalf of DON Legalised. He's offering you the chance to give up on Catherine...Think about it...

(Não percam os próximos episódios.)

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Mike disse...

Estou para ver os proximos...Espero que ele nao desista da Catherine!
Isto está a ser empolgante,o que será que vai acontecer????!!!

Stay Tuned!

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